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At present, carrying goods on an independent website is one of the main ways to make TikTok cash. However, problems such as website construction, procurement and delivery are not so easy for many cross-border novices. Sometimes millions of videos are posted, and traffic is wasted because there is no link to the goods.

At this stage, traffic and fans are the best to get. You deserve to pay more attention to the front-end account operation and traffic acquisition, and we help you with the back-end realization.

In short, we help you to put the products on the mall, you only need to put the product distribution link on the home page of your account, you can easily promote, no need to manage the subsequent purchase and delivery, to earn up to 25% or more of the high commission.

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What is an affiliate program?

We created our affiliate program to reward content creators like you for helping to promote our products. By placing referral links on your social media pages or livestreams, you direct potential customers to our website and if they make a purchase, you earn up to 25% commission!

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How it works?

  1. Join: It's free and easy to join.
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  3. Earn: Get up to 25% in commissions on successful referrals.

Our state-of-the-art affiliate software allows you to track in real time clicks on your affiliate link and see instant updates on your commissions.